Hugs and Kisses to Heaven

2 May

Hugs and Kisses to Heaven As I updated my status on FB,
I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed. I was just about to sleep when
I remembered what this day was, is… It’s my grandmother’s
birthday. And although, it’s been years since I kissed her goodbye,
not one day passes that I don’t think about her and my grandfather.
I remember them when I hear someone playing the piano. I remember
them when I see an old couple walking by. I remember them when I
think of their favorite place. I remember them when I see
grandparents with their grandchildren. I remember them in my silent
moments. They’re with me every single day of my life. More than 10
years has passed and that has never changed. They were my parents
after all. As a kid I used to run to their room whenever I’d feel
that monsters were around. As a teenager, my grandfather would
tease me about the boys who tried to woo me while my grandmother
would aggressively keep them away. I remember my grandfather
waiting home for me on my prom night. I remember how he was so
proud when I gave him my trophy as prom queen. I remember him going
up the stage to put medals on me during my HS graduation. I
remember my grandmother cooking the best meals just for my brothers
and me. I remember my grandfather waiting for me to get home and
giving me a 6 PM curfew even when I was already in college. I
remember him calling me endlessly to check if I was on my way home.
The love they showed me and my brothers was unconditional. And I’ll
never forget how they never questioned why they had to be parents
again for us. Instead, they showered us with love and kept us sane
and happy. They were the source of my strength and stability. I
don’t know how I would have turned out without them being in my
life the way they were. The toughest times of my life must have
been when I had to watch them go. My heart still hurts whenever I
think about it or write about it. One thing is for sure though and
I know that without any doubt now, love, this kind of love, never
ends. I still think about them and I still live my life for them.
If there’s one goal I’ve kept in my unplanned life, it’s just to
ultimately make them proud, wherever they are. I’m a lucky girl to
have been given the chance to be loved by these two. I just hope
that in my own little ways, even without them physically around,
they know that my heart overflows with love and gratitude for them.
I’m hoping there’s a line to heaven somehow. Sending over hugs and
kisses to the woman who taught me how to love unconditionally; who
watched me play the piano all those years; who relentlessly cooked
for us every day like there was always a feast at home; who would
check each door of the house to see if all were locked every night;
who would always drop by my room every night before heading to hers
to look at me studying and to tell me how proud she was of me.
You were a woman of strength and substance. Thanks to you
I know what I aspire to be.
I love you, Lola. Happy


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