When it Comes to Tiger Airways, It Isn’t More Fun in The Philippines!

30 Jun

I work on a mid shift. In our world, that means we’d have to work from about 5 pm to 2 am. Yesterday I allowed myself to be sleepless for the sake of a trip my friend and I have been gung-ho about for the last two months. We practically started a countdown even before we booked our tickets. Yes, that’s how excited we were.

And now we’re here. Finally on the date of our flights for, wait for it–yes, wait for it— so we can wait for 10 hours!

What disgusts me is the fact that NO ONE even gave us a heads up that our flight was going to be delayed. If they had a  clue that the plane had technical difficulties, as they claimed, then why was there no email early in the morning–at the latest? Other airlines, like Cebu Pacific, would always ALWAYS make sure we are well aware. The representatives mentioned the plane was there early. I mean when we were checking in at 5 in the morning, the plane was already there. If it had been technical problems, then they should informed us and not kept us in line like that.

Imagine this, we get to the airport excited and happy about making it ON TIME, after being on a road trip for 2 hours, and then the counter opens and the first passenger is accommodated. Then the passenger throws a fit. We look and observe anxious to know what’s happening. She turns around, looks at the other passengers, in search of people to back her up, and she says “our flight’s delayed from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm!” Then she walks out. To add to this annoying change, the representatives actually were talking to us ONE by freaking ONE. Imagine a line of about 20 people, with plans already brewing in their heads for either their vacations or work and they didn’t even VALUE the time of those who made sure they’d make it on time.

I stormed to the counter to ask if they could inform EVERYONE at the same time so we can make calls and figure out how we were going to get to Bangkok, now that our original plans have been derailed. All they could say was NO. They were adamant about talking to us individually. ONE by ONE, ma’am. In response to that, we demand that they talk to us just in one group so we wouldn’t wait for an hour. Still, our demands were left UNHEARD. What made us even more irate and frustrated is the fact that they were the ones who were upset. Their tone was horrible, like they had nothing to do with it.

They were quick to say they weren’t employed with Tiger Airways. When we asked if we could talk to anyone who knew more about it, they said no one was around but them. We had to ask them why our flight wasn’t gonna be on time before they even thought of sharing the reason. And I hate that they gave us such a generic answer, “TECHNICAL PROBLEMS.”

Three options they said. Here they are:

1. Refund (after 3 weeks!)

2. Rebook

3. Wait up until 4:30 PM (AND NOT BE ALLOWED TO EVEN STEP OUT OF THE AIRPORT—yes, they clearly said this and when we questioned it, all they could tell us was that it was just the rule and there was nothing we could do)

For people who have taken days off from work, who have travelled for more than two hours to even get to Clark in the first place, and for those who already have a whole itinerary prepared (especially for us who are just going to be there for 2 days), it’s entirely ridiculous to go through that and even more than that it was just HORRIBLE for us to be treated that way when we have done nothing but pay for our tickets and be there on time.

I think I’ve done nothing but vent here but you can’t blame me. I have come straight from work hoping that by this time, I’d be enjoying the beach. I expect that at least they meet our expectations. IF horrendous technical problems are present, then TREAT us right and make up for this as this is not our fault.

So what did we choose? Let’s face it; we really didn’t have options anyway. Of course, we’d take the FIRST flight out. And in this case, it means it’s 10 hours after. Additionally, it means we’re stuck in this airport for 10 hours (yes, we’re not allowed to go out), and YES, we NOW only have ONE day in Bangkok.

Among all that they’d done to us today–delayed flight, no explanations, and keeping us in this place with no other option until we board the plane; what I hate the most is that they had NO EMPATHY at all, that I felt like they couldn’t care less about how we were feeling, about how we either woke up so early or not sleep at all to be at the airport by 5 am. It’s the lack of that human connection. All I could feel was more of “WHATEVER, WE CAN’T FLY YOU TO BANGKOK, SO DEAL WITH IT.”

Well, TIGER AIRWAYS/SEAIR, whatever. You have lost a potentially good customer. And I really am more than unsatisfied with the service that has been given to me, my friend, and the other passengers who bought their tickets and expected more than this.

I will never, EVER, fly with you guys again. You can count on that.


4 Responses to “When it Comes to Tiger Airways, It Isn’t More Fun in The Philippines!”

  1. IamJoyceee July 3, 2012 at 7:39 am #

    Oh dear, that’s plain horrible! :-/ I know how it feels like to wait for hours for a flight. They should have done something to compensate for that disaster. tsk.

    • summerstinydancer30 July 3, 2012 at 9:30 am #

      True Joyce! They were so indifferent about it and we had to be the ones to ask why it was happening. They gave us Jollibee meals the whole day…You know it would’ve been a lil better if they just allowed us to step out. Seriously not flying through Tiger Airways again…Anyway, thanks Joyce…you take care sweetie.

  2. Aline July 26, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    Always travel expecting to bring back horrific stories. Then you are never disappointed.

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