Pattaya, Thailand: All in Just One Day!

5 Jul

Working in the
corporate world can be draining. What makes it even more draining
is when your schedules don’t really mirror that of the normal
world. With that said, people like me who are immersed in it find
it necessary to sporadically find ourselves somewhere else…yes,
anywhere but here…even if it’s just a weekend, or even when it’s
just for a day.

is exactly what one of my best friends and I just had. A day away
from the city.

those who’ve read the blog prior to this, you’ll understand why we
only had a day away for our getaway. The original plan was to have
at least 2 full days, but thanks to Tiger Airways, we only had

enough, we came back happy and relatively content with our day in
‘PAH-tih-yuh! I mean, yes, we could’ve enjoyed more days there but
we did everything we could in one day!

The trip started with WAITING for 12
hours at the airport. 3 hours on the plane. 2 hours to Pattaya from
Bangkok. Slept from midnight to 3 PM! Yes, we were that tired. I
mean what do you expect? We slept on the very COMFORTABLE (rolling
my eyes endlessly) airport chairs at Clark. Fantastic, right? Oh
and yeah, we had nothing left to do but amuse ourselves by dancing
endlessly and taking videos (and pictures for that

When we
finally got ourselves out of bed. Oh wait, I have to say our hotel
was great! It’s just a shame that I wasn’t able to enjoy the
fantastic pool they had. Next time, Marriott Pattaya…next time!
Going back to what I was saying, when we finally got ourselves out
of our deep slumber, we went to the mall and went around Pattaya to
shop and just enjoy the place.

I’d have to say, it isn’t exactly one
of my favorite places. It’s quite similar to the Philippines. In
fact, it reminds me a lot of Cebu. And the reactions we got
whenever we said we’re off to Pattaya? I understand them now. We
often got the “2 girls in Pattaya?,” “the red district?,” “what are
you girls gonna do there?” kind of questions… But we still went
for the fun of it.

After shopping, we went to watch the
Tiffany show. The place was kind of dirty, especially the rest
rooms. What I specifically loved though was the fact that the show
itself was GREAT. I’m a big fan of musicals so it was a treat for
me to see them perform. I expected them to strip off and all, after
all the vivid details shared with us about Thailand and the shows
there, but it was actually quite SANE and DECENT. I loved that they
performed dances from different cultures. And the technical aspect
of the show was great. Great props. Great stage. And yes,
admittedly great actors! After that we searched for the best place
to celebrate my friend’s birthday but what we had learned was that
it was quite challenging to find one on a Sunday night, yes even in
Pattaya, a tourist spot. We ended up in an Irish hub, Mulligan’s at
Central Festival, right before they were gonna close. I got the
performers to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY for my friend though so it was
alright. Additionally, their MOJITO (which happens to be my
favorite drink) was great so I was happy. We then went on in search
of a better place to stay in. As mentioned though, it was hard to
find one so we ended up on The Walking Street.

Now, that was an

You see different people from
different walks of life there. What took me by surprise was how
blatant prostitution was. I mean that’s how I perceived it to be.
Men were walking up to women in front of all these people and I’d
overhear women stating their prices: “3,000 baht.” And it was
really sad. We ended up staying in the most decent (in my opinion)
bar there. I described it as such because it was merely a rock bar.
I got the performers to sing for my friend again. What made it even
more special is, out of pure luck I guess, Moon2 Sen was there.
Okay, I have to admit, I had no clue about who she was but my
friend, the birthday girl, quickly told me she was one of the
biggest actresses in India. She was also with her two beautiful
daughters. She greeted my friend after and I took advantage of the
situation and asked if they could take a picture together. Of
course, I had my picture taken too. I must say, I’m not exactly one
to take pictures with celebrities…but she’s an Indian celebrity
anyway so I went for it.

We went home and the Marriott Pattaya
surprised my friend with a cake and the staff singing to her once
again. That was at about 4 in the morning. We slept as much as we
could before we took the trip to Bangkok at 11 am. 2 hours to
Bangkok. 4 hours at the airport. 3 hours on the plane. 2 hours to
Manila from Clark.

And we were back in Manila by
midnight of Monday.

Yes, it may have been a QUICK trip
but even quick trips can be AWESOME when you’re with people you
love and have fun with despite the circumstances.

Videos. Waiting. Road trips.
Shopping. Fish Spa sessions. Coffee. Mojitos. Wine. New friends.

Yes, it was

Here are some pictures:


Waiting at the airport, with our new
friend Isabel



The Japanese, the Filipino, and
the Indian

That’s our
new friend from the plane.




These three pictures were taken after
the Tiffany show. Loved their performances!

Just a warning though, they ask for
tips after you take pictures with them. TEEEP, TEEEP! And the
minimum is 40 baht per person. 😛


At the Marriott, the best part about
our trip. Was so relaxing and the staff members were really nice to
us. I just wish I had the time to enjoy the pool.


With Moon Moon Sen, an Indian



At My Little Italy. Yes, we had
Italian food while in Thailand. Tsk tsk. 😛







And this is how our ONLY day (Well,
practically) in Pattaya ended: with the hotel’s birthday surprise
for Neri. 😉


And yes, what is a vacation without a
staple touristy photo like this?

Until the next time, Thailand!

Had fun despite
just having a day with you. 😉


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