Today’s Playlist: Arms

21 Dec

“You put your arms around me and I’m home…”

When I heard this line, I couldn’t help but smile. One person came to mind and I knew, just knew, that this clearly states what my heart feels right now.

I think I’ve grown up when it comes to love. There was a time when I’d always tell myself that my career should always come first, that I should always pursue what I thought life should be all about.

When I used to ask the couples I knew about how they knew for sure that they were willing to give up what they knew as their own individual lives, they would always say… you just know… you just know it’s right.

At 28 years old, I’m no longer afraid of falling completely and loving completely. When you find something as real as what I’ve found, there’s no other option but to give it all that you’ve got and hope for the best.

I now know how it feels to know that life will never be complete without having the person that you love next to you.


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