Yesterday’s Hosting Gig: Venue-Intramuros

15 Mar

This has got to be one of my favorite places in Manila. It completely makes me forget about my busy life in the city and always makes me wonder what i was like to live in the olden Manila days.

Here are some of my pictures (and my videos-if you’d like to see) to show you what I’m talking about.;)

San Agustin Church



Other pics of Barbara’s and the streets in Intramuros:



–That’s the friendly guardia civil Kuya Danny!








I took videos as well.

The first one is just me and the smiling & uber friendly guardia civil Kuya Danny:

Kuya Danny and I (Oh and a bit of San Agustin church too!)

This one is of me walking around our lovely venue, Barbara’s.

A walk around Barbara’s!

That’s it for me and my day spent in Intramuros. If you’re from Manila and you haven’t really spent time in Intramuros, I suggest you go… If you’re from another country and you’re planning to visit Manila, please find the time to visit Intramuros to see a bit of our history.;)


2 Responses to “Yesterday’s Hosting Gig: Venue-Intramuros”

  1. sistasfromcali March 15, 2014 at 9:56 pm #

    Great Pictures.

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