Travel Finds Shop Featured on Entrepreneur Magazine!

4 Aug

Two years ago, an inspiring woman asked me if I wanted to start/design/paint for a collection of art bags for her shop, Travel Finds Shop. Hand-painted bags, she said. Knowing she felt the same way about my passion, I did not hesitate and I said yes.

I am so happy to have showcased my paintings through her and I would have not done it with anyone else. Two collections after, art bags and throw pillows, and two more coming your way this year (hand-painted ones and another collection of printed art bags), here we are ever so proud and giddy over each item sold.

When we started this, our main goal was to encourage people to love what we love, traveling and the arts… And till this very day, it still feels like and is very much a passion project!

I am so proud of you Jaym and your baby, Travel Finds Shop! As we said earlier this year, 2014 will be beautiful! Looks like we were right.;)





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