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Summer-Ready Hair Thanks to Yannig of Frank Provost Alabang!

6 Apr

New blog is up on my main site: http://jamiefournier.com/summer-ready-hair-thanks-to-yannig-of-frank-provost-alabang/.

If you haven’t subscribed to my new site yet (www.jamiefournier.com), I hope you do now. Here’s a blog sharing my makeover, thanks to Yannig Sauvage of Frank Provost Alabang.



Random Pop-up: A Snapshot

23 Aug


Azta Style Session: A Bold Makeover!

22 Aug

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Coco Chanel


There is something so magical about going to a salon. Almost all of us go with splendid expectations and hopeful thoughts. It’s almost like we feel like we’re Cinderella and we’re off to see our fairy godmother. The sway of the magical wand, in this case the cut of an amazingly-talented stylist, and voila—Cinderella ends up with gorgeous vivacious hair and beyond that she feels like a princess right out of her pumpkin carriage—er or should I say her favorite salon. What completes this experience is when her expectations mirror the end-result, also known as reality.

Let’s face it, some women, whether they’re about to delve into something exciting like a first date or something or whether they’re trying to heal their heartbroken selves, go into a salon with great hopes and go out with nothing but disappointment and this question: “why did I given go”?

There are a few salons out there though that never fail to live up to our expectations, that never fail to whip out its magic wand and make us feel like princesses.

Azta Urban Salon is one of those salons, if not the best when it comes to that. And this was proven once again when I went to their Azta Style Session about a month ago. I was invited by one of my dear friends Jayme, a fellow blogger, to join her for a make-over. As I was bored with my permed blah-colored hair, I said yes without even hesitating. I went without expectations and came out extremely happy with the result.

I was one of the first few bloggers that got there and I was highly impressed with how festive the salon was on that day. What was even more impressive was that everyone at the salon welcomed us with beaming smiles and all were seemingly excited to get the make-over started. For each blogger, sytlists were predetermined and all our so-called “beauty workstations” were ready for all of us. Aside from that, food, drinks, and tea were overflowing. I just couldn’t get enough of how eager they all were to make sure we had a GRAND time during the style session.

I met my new favorite stylist that day, Mr. Jo. He was so accomodating and what I loved most about him was that he listened to me which is really important when it comes to changing a very important aspect of yourself. “I want something darker this time, and I want to kind of have an hombre”. That’s all I needed to say and he took over. He showed me some suggestions and he happily told me it will look spectacular after. His enthusiasm and certainty made me feel assured and I gave him full control of the process

I’m glad I did.

Without further saying anything, he colored my hair black (a move so bold, for me at least), added reddish streaks, and also gave me a haircut. Unlike so many other stylists out there who don’t seem to care about the real state of our hair, Mr. Jo actually went above and beyond and decided to make sure I have a hair treatment as well. Simply amazing is how I would describe him.

After he styled my hair, I took a deep breath, opened my eyes and I couldn’t help but smile as I saw the end result. I have not made a move so bold and I would not have made it had it not been for Mr. Jo and Azta Urban Salon. There I was with black hair and red streaks. Admittedly, had I been my old controling self with passive stylists, I would’ve ended up with what you would normally see for almost every girl out there—the common colors—brown, light brown, and any other version of brown out there–I know there are more (lol). But no, not for Mr. Jo and not for me, that day we opted to try something new and we were both so pleased with the result.

When I started this blog, I talked about how we all feel like we’re princesses right after great salon visits. I definitely felt that way that day, thanks to everyone at Azta Urban Salon. I felt beautiful and I felt like a princess, a feeling we all need every now and then.

I know someday soon I’d need an upper, an I-feel-beautiful-and-like-a-princess day, or simply a I-need-a-bold-move kind of day, I know the perfect place to go to, Azta Urban Salon!

Thank you again for making me feel like a princess that day and for finding and creating the perfect hairstyle and hair color for me! You’ll definitely see me soon! 😉

Here are some pictures of our fun Azta style session:

Time for A Change…But, What Kind of Change? :P

24 Apr

SOS: Time for A Change...But, What Change? :P I often
get tired of things easily and I must say my hairstyle is one of
the things I constantly want to change. I’ve practically tried
everything. When I was younger, I was always told that my hair was
beautiful. Silky straight, yes. In fact, I remember winning the
Miss Sunsilk award when I was in High School. Oh the bottles of
Sunsilk I got then. LOL. Anyway, my mother always told me never to
dye it or do anything with it, always saying I’ll regret it if I
ever decide to. And like daughters normally do, I did exactly what
she told me not to. I’ve gone from silky
t to permed (chemicals at
first–oh I remember the second time made me look like a female
version of Sto. Nino!) to semi-conservative
side-swept bangs
(which I always found…safe and easy
to maintain) to permed locks again (this
time digi-permed; and I liked it especially after I had it for a
couple of months as the curls got bigger and bigger and best of all
I didn’t have to comb my hair! Yes, contrary to what people think,
I can be very lazy when it comes to dressing up and setting my
hair) to the most dramatic (I would say) which is to go
for full bangs. I’ve always wondered how it
would look like and one day, after one of those
I-just-ended-a-relationship days, I went into this Korean salon and
said “well yeah…go ahead and chop it off! Full bangs, yes
please.” Surprisingly, I liked it and a lot of people liked it too.
I have to tell you, though, it gave me a headache every single day!
But I loved how it was different. And that yes, that it KINDA made
me look a lil younger. Yes, sometimes that counts too you know
(:P). Well now, I’m a tad bit torn. Straight. Curly.
Side-swept bangs. Full bangs…
Hmmmmmm.. What’s