My Paintings on Canvas Bags: Travel Finds Jcaf 2nd Collection

18 Feb

When asked, “what are you passionate about?” the first that comes to mind is painting. I paint to express whatever I go through in life. And when I do, I forget the entire world. I’m in love with it. Do I sell them (the actual paintings)? No. I’ve been asked several times but I have yet to come to that phase where I am able to let go. I do, however, have canvas bag collections in collaboration with

The first collection only consisted of 8 bags. These were hand painted canvas bags and all of them were sold within two days of being out in the market. The 2nd collection consists of paintings from a very interesting phase of my life, 2013. It was a year full of changes and emotions and that is what you’ll find in these paintings.

La Fille. Chaos. La Dame Rouge. The Dove. Daydreamer. My Heart. All and None. Waiting. Tabula Rasa. Different Faces, different women, me.

It’s been a wonderful adventure so far! And I love how individuals can relate to these paintings and what I’ve written about them. They are me at different phases of my life, my beautiful reminders.

To order or read what I’ve written about each design/painting: Visit or order from

These pictures were taken by LA Madridejos and directed by Jayme Del Rosario. And yes, that’s me in the pictures too. 😉



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